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Templates for VivoSocial and Jquery

May 14, 2013 at 7:37 PM
Testing VivoSocial, really amazing set of modules, great integration and useability!
Please Please Please, to anyone out there, I desperately need:

1) Templates (especially Profile and Groups)
At some point they were available for download at vivoware site:

We have switched over to using mobile friendly templates as the default. Here you will find the "Full" versions of the default templates. Also included are the templates necessary for specific functionality e.g. forums, events, ect."

2) The Full DotNetNuke 6.1.2 Community Edition site pre-configured with all VivoWare mod ules. - really want to check out the 'initial config'

3) and can anyone help wth getting the jquery working properly? I do get the jquery themese changing ok, but no tabbed interfaces, just ordered lists.

Thanks to everyone!