Double querystring parameters



There's sometimes repeated querystring parameters in the urls that vivo modules generate. For instance, if you click on somebody's profile picture you'd get something like:


where it seems the userid querystring is repeated twice thus giving a value of 21,21 to userid. This would then return an error: input string is not in correct format. This is an issue with url rewriters as they're more strict whereas the dnn rewriter ignores the extra parameter.

I was wondering if this could be fixed in the next release. Perhaps all that's needed is to remove the second 'userid' from the querystring or validate the input before it's processed. If this is tthe standard way vivo assigns querystrings, could it be reviewed so that it only includes querystrings once or that they're validated. Again, this is critical for url rewriters and thus would be greatly beneficial.

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xfernal wrote May 19, 2010 at 10:03 PM

Please post this to http://support.vivoware.com