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Project Description
VivoSocial is a ASP.NET based social network platform built on top of the DotNetNuke framework.

This project includes much of the functionality that you will find on the most popular social networks.

Some the features include:

o 100% Template based - complete design and layout control.
o Articles (including audio and video)
o Blogs
o Forums
o Q&A Forums "Accepted Answer"
o Groups
o News
o Profiles
o Wiki "Versioning"
o Search
o Voting on profiles, groups, articles, blogs, videos, documents.
o Rating on profiles, groups, articles, blogs, videos, documents.
o Commenting on profiles, groups, articles, blogs, videos, documents.
o Ability to set Karma \ Reward Points and Karma \ Achievement Levels for actions that users take on the site.
o Ability for users to send messages to other users of the site.
o Notifications for new postings, messages, friend requests, group requests, and invites.
o SMS messaging
o Supports multiple photo galleries which can be organized simply by dragging and dropping thumbnails.
o Wall feature allows tracking of what users are doing on the site.
** Trackable actions include:
# Item submission "profiles, groups, articles, blogs, videos, documents, and much more"
# Added friend
# Send a Message
# Created group
# Joined group
# User voted
# User rated
# User commented
o Social Bookmarking functionality for sharing content with other communities.
o Advanced search allows field specific searches and filtering.
** Full customization of which fields will be searchable.
** Full customization of what filters are available.
o Directory views that can be set to only display a specific user’s or group’s content.
** Display only a user’s “Latest News”.
** Display only a group’s “Group News”.
o Directories can also be viewed as an RSS feed.
o Can use default or custom avatars for profiles.
o Can use default or custom logos for groups.
o Can browse groups by category, most recent, or search for a group.

And a lot more....

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